2ha is a magazine interested in the suburbs.

We engage with architects, artists and academics to disseminate exclusively written or unshared work that both examines and reimagines the spaces which make up our suburban landscapes.

Each issue is formatted in order to explore the phenomenon of suburbia and its relationship to a particular field of study.

#01 Suburbia + Mapping
#02 Suburbia + Photography
#05 Suburbia + Language

#06 Suburbia + Typology

#07 Suburbia + Cinema
#08 Suburbia + Modernism
#09 Suburbia + Sport
#10 Suburbia + Capital

Should you have any questions, queries or comments, please contact us at editor@2ha.ie or see our website for further details: www.2ha.ie. For everything else, you can catch us via tumblr or twitter: @2ha_magazine.