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2ha - Issue 09

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A field of green

Suburbia + Leisure

Issue 09 considers the role of leisure practices in forming the spatial order of suburban landscapes. Four essays detail the social codes, individual desires and official policies that determine the structure of free time.

Aoibheann Ní Mhearáin (Architect/Tutor, UCD & CCAE) looks at the position of green space - from front lawns to football pitches - in the formation of a uniquely suburban society.

Geraldine Biddle Perry (Lecturer, Central Saint Martins) recounts the origins of cycling & outdoor culture at the turn of the century, and describes its influence in shaping the emerging masses of suburbia.

Janina Gosseye (Postdoctoral Researcher, TUDelft) discusses the link between suburbia, modernism and leisure in the invention of the 20th century shopping centre, and how it shaped the planning and design of this period.

Suvi Talja (Researcher) identifies the changing fortunes of Dublin's Corporation swimming pools, from the politics of their establishment to their proliferation as new generators of suburban, civic life.